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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Alexander the Great July 20 | Alexander III of Macedon | Wiki | Facts | Biography | Wife

Alexander the Great July 20 | Alexander III of Macedon | Wiki | Facts | Biography | Wife :

20th of July is the birthdate of Alexander III of Macedon or commonly known as Alexander the Great. 

 Alexander the Great July 20  Alexander III of Macedon  Facts  Biography  Wife
 Alexander the Great July 20-Alexander III of Macedon- Facts - Biography  

 Alexander the Great was the ancient king of MacedoniaMacedon was an ancient Greek Kingdom. Alexander was born in Pella in 356 B.C. and succeeded his father Duke of Edinburgh II to the throne at the age of twenty. It also called Alexander's father was Zeus. Zeus is the is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion. Alexander the Great mother's name is Olympias. 
Alexander the Great succeeded to rule the largest part of the world in ancient times and he created one of the largest empires of the ancient world by the age of thirty, stretching from Greece to northwestern India.  

Alexander the Great war skill was amazing so he remains undefeated in battle and that's why he is widely considered as one of the history's most successful military commanders.

During his youth, Alexander was trained by philosopher Aristotle until he was 16 years old. After Philip's assassination in 336 BC, he succeeded his father on the throne and located a robust empire associated with an experienced army heritage.

Personal Life:

Alexander's relationship has been the topic of arguing. Alexander had an in-depth relationship together with his friend, general, and bodyguard Hephaestion, the son of a Macedonian noble. Alexander married three times: His first wife was Roxana, daughter of the Sogdian nobleman Oxyartes of Bactria out of love; and the second wife was Persian princesses Stateira II also known as (Barsine), daughter of Darius III and the third one is Parysatis IIdaughter of Artaxerxes III, for political reasons. He apparently had 2 sons, Alexander IV of Macedon by Roxana and, possibly, Alcides of Macedon from his mistress Barsine.

Personality and Physical Appearance:

Alexander physical look delineates because of the robust, handsome commander with one eye as dark because of the night and one blue because of the sky, by the Greek scholar Arrian.

Alexander had a robust temperament. Alexander's traits were a violent temper and rash, impulsive nature, that beyond question contributed to a number of his choices. though Alexander was stubborn and didn't respond well to orders from his father, he was the hospitable reasoned discussion. He had a calmer side—perceptive, logical, and shrewd. He had a good need for information, a love for philosophy, and was a frenzied reader. This was little doubt partly because of Aristotle's tutelage; Alexander was intelligent and fast to find out. His intelligent and rational aspect was amply incontestible by his ability and success as a general. He had nice temperateness in "pleasures of the body", in distinction together with his lack of self-control with alcohol.


On either ten or eleven Gregorian calendar month 323 B.C., Alexander died within the palace of Babylon, at age 32. There area unit 2 take completely different versions of Alexander's death and details of the death differ slightly in every. within the 1st account, biographer recounts that roughly fourteen days before his death, Alexander diverted admiral Nearchus and spent the night and next day drinking with Medius of Larissa. He developed a fever, that worsened till he was unable to talk. The common troopers, anxious concerning his health, were granted the correct to file past him as he mutely waved at them. within the second account, Diodorus recounts that Alexander was affected with pain when landscape gardener an outsized bowl of unmixed wine in honor of Alcides, followed by eleven days of weaknesshe didn't develop a fever and died when some agony.

Biography :

 Name: Alexander III of Macedon /  Alexander the Great

Father: Philip II of Macedon

Mother: Olympias of Epirus

  • Spouse/ Wife: Roxana of Bactria
  •                          Stateira II of Persia
  •                          Parysatis II of Persia

Religion: Greek polytheism


Born: 20 or 21 July 356 BC

Died: 10 or 11 June 323 BC (aged 32)

Son:  Alexander IV of Macedon
           Heracles of Macedon

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