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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Devan Nair August 5 | Wiki | Biography | Son | Books | Family

Devan Nair August 5 | Wiki | Biography | Son | Books | Family 

Devan Nair full name is Devan Nair Chengara Veetil. He is also known as C. V. Devan Nair. Devan Nair was a well-known politician. Devan Nair was a prominent politician in Malaysia and Singapore. He became the 3rd President of Singapore.

Devan Nair was one of the main leaders in the trade union movement of Singapore and he led this movement. later he founded the National Trade Union Congress in 1961. In Malaysia, he founded the Democratic Action Party with the support of Chen Man Hin.

On 23 Oct 1981, Devan Nair elected as third President of Singapore. Devan Nair remains on this post until he gave resignation on 28 March 1985. 

Devan Nair August 5  Wiki  Biography  Son  Books  Family
Devan Nair August 5  Wiki  Biography  Son  Books  Family 


On Aug 5,1923, Devan Nair born in Malacca. Devan Nair  Father was a clerk in a rubber plantation company. Devan Nair Fathers name is I.V.K Nair. When Devan Nair was 10 years old he and his family migrated from Thalassery, Kerala, India to Singapore. He was originally from India. 


Devan Nair get his primary education at Rangoon Road Primary School. After that, he enrolled in Victoria School for his Secondary education. He passed his Senior Cambridge Examination in 1940 from Victoria School.


Devan Nair firstly joined as a normal trained teacher and start teaching at St. Joseph's Institution and after that he joined at St Andrew's School. Some years later in 1949, he became General Secretary of the Singapore Teachers Union.

From 1954 to 1959 he engaged in various political activities and many times he was detained. during this period he joined to some of the renowned political parties. In 1959 he returned to teaching. 

In 1960, He launched a program for adult education named Adult Education Board and became the chairman of the Prisons Inquiry Commission.

After winning the Anson seat in by-elections, He took the first step in the Singapore Parliament in 1979 and retained the seat in next election also.

But for the President Post, he resigned from that seat in 1981 and accept the post of president and he became President of Singapore.


On March 28, 1985, Devan Nair resigned from the Post of President in ambiguous circumstances. In the parliament deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said that Nair is alcohol addict and he resigned for the treatment of alcohol addiction, one Nair outrightly refused. 

According to Nair's, he resigned under tremendous pressure made by Deputy Prime Minister Goh. He said that his political views came into controversy and Goh threatened him for removing him as President during the game of chess. Nair also said that he was fed to some drugs so that he could be distracted and the rumors spread about his personal life in an attempt to defame him.

After the resignation, Nair and his wife shifted to the U.S and some years later they migrated to Hamilton, Canada. 


After Shifting to Hamilton, Nair and their family lived out for the rest of their lives in Hamilton only. On 18 April 2005, his wife, Avadai Dhanam, died in Hamilton, and  07th of Dec Nair died, because he suffers from severe dementia, he died the same year as his wife in Hamilton, Canada.


In Nair's family tree only three sons and five grandchildren are left with his daughter. 

Janadas Devan is the oldest son of Nair, and he was the senior editor in "The Straits TimesSingapore's leading newspaper but he quit the job and now he is working in the Ministry of Communication as the Chief of Government Communications  and Information in Singapore and he is also the Director of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) as the public policy think-tank.

Janamitra Devan is the second son of Devan Nair, and he was the former vice president of the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. 

His third son name is, JanaPrakash Devan, and he died in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. 

His daughter name is Vijaya Kumari and she is the only daughter of Mr.Nair and she lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong opened The Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability in 2014 on the name Devan Nair. To recognize his contributions towards the labours during the labour movement when Nair was Secretary-General of National Trades Union Congress.


Name: C. V. Devan Nair
  3rd President of Singapore

In office:
23 October 1981 – 27 March 1985

Prime Minister:  Lee Kuan Yew

Preceded by:  Yeoh Ghim Seng (Acting President)
                       Benjamin Henry Sheares (President)

Succeeded by:  Wee Chong Jin (Acting President)
                            Wee Kim Wee (President)

Member of the Singapore Parliament
for Anson

In office:
5 March 1979 – 13 October 1981

Preceded by: P. Govindaswamy

Succeeded by: J. B. Jeyaretnam

Member of the Malaysian Parliament
for Bungsar, Selangor

In office:
18 May 1964 – 20 March 1969

Preceded by: V. David

Succeeded by:  Goh Hock Guan

Secretary-General of
the Malaysian People's Action Party

In office:
14 August 1965 – 9 September 1965

Preceded by: Lee Kuan Yew
     (Singapore and Malaysia)

Succeeded by:     Position abolished
             1st Secretary-General of DAP

In office:
11 October 1965 – 30 July 1967

Preceded by: Position established

Succeeded by:    Goh Hock Guan

Personal details:

Born:  Devan Nair Chengara Veetil
            5 August 1923
Melaka, Straits Settlements (now Malaysia)

Died:    6 December 2005 (aged 82)
             Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Nationality:   Malaysian-Singaporean

Political party:
IndependentPeople's Action PartyDemocratic Action Party

Spouse(s): Avadai Dhanam

Children: Janadas Devan
                      Janamitra Devan
                      JanaPrakash Devan

                Vijaya Kumari

Profession: Labour unionist

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