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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Harold Holt 5 August | Wiki | Biography | Facts | Family | Achievements

Harold Holt 5 August | Wiki | Biography | Facts | Family | Achievements

Harold Edward Holt was a well known Australian politician. Harold Holt became 17th Prime Minister of Australia in 1966. Harold Holt was born on 5 Aug 1908. His death remained a mystery for several decades but in 2005 it solved.

During his Prime Ministerial period, he was the leader of the Liberal Party. On 17 Dec 1967, Harold Holt disappeared while swimming near PortseaVictoria and he declared dead in absentia. His body never found. A huge search operation conduct for the search of Harold Holt body.

On 5 Aug 1908, Harold Holt was born in Sydney, Australia. But after some years later his family shifted to Melbourne, Australia. He was the First Prime Minister of Australia who born in the 20th century.

Harold Holt 5 August | Wiki | Biography | Facts | Family | Achievements
Harold Holt 5 August | Wiki | Biography | Facts | Family | Achievements


Harold Edward Holt was born at his parents home in Stanmore, Sydney, New South WalesHarold Edward Holt fathers name is Thomas James Holt and his mother name is Olive May. He had one younger brother Clifford. Clifford was born in 1910. His father was trained as a schoolteacher in Sydney and however, he got a job as a physical education teacher at the Cleveland Street School in Surry Hills. Harold Holt mother was a homemaker.


In 1914 Harold Holt father moved to Payneham where he became the licensee of a hotel. At that time Harold Holt and his bother Clifford stayed in Australia for studies. He attends Randwick Public School while living with his uncle's house in Sydney. In 1917 he takes admission in a private school named Abbotshlome College, Killara. At that time Holt parents get separated.

In 1920 Holt enrolled for the boarding college in Melbourne and he starts boarding at Wesley College. He was a meritious student so he got a scholarship in his finals. He was famous in his college. His mother died at the age of 16 and he was unable to attend the funeral. 

Harold Holt started law study at the University of Melbourne in 1927. In his college life, He was also engaged in different types of co-curricular activities. He becomes president of The Law student's Society and social club of the Queen's College.

Harold Holt got his Bachelor's degree in 1930. He graduated in Law.  At this time he got an invitation from his father for continuing his higher studies in London but he refused to go.  


At first, he started his legal career as an articled clerk with various firms. In the middle of 1932, he started his own legal practice as he admitted in the Victorian Bar. That time he struggled too much but after some years he started his own firm with the help of two more partners.

Political Career:

Before he elected to parliament, earlier he lost heavily two times. But his campaign was outstanding. In Aug 1935 Harold Holt eventually wins the 3rd time in a federal by-election. Holt was only 27 years old and he was the youngest member of parliament of that time. In 1939 he became a minister without portfolio in the stint of Prime Minister Robert Menzies. He got three ministries. In March 1940 his first stint as a government minister came to an end.

Holt was sworn in as Prime Minister on January 26, 1966, after Robert Menzel's retirement six days earlier. He won the leadership election unquestioned, William McMahon elected his deputy. His oath-taking ceremony was delayed because the death of Defense Minister Shane Paltridge; Holt and Menzies both worked as pallbearers on January 25 in the state funeral of Shane Paltridge.

Holt was the first prime minister of Australia who borns in the 20th century and also became first Prime Minister who born after federation. He was about fourteen years younger than his predecessor.

He gave access to the unprecedented level of media and was the first Prime Minister to organize regular press conferences and give regular television interviews.

In November 1966, Holt contested his first and only general election as Prime Minister, to some extent, the unexpected landslide victory.


Holt had special love for oceans. For this love only he had holiday homes in several port cities. Spearfishing was one of a favorite activity during his visit to the ocean. 

On 17 December 1967, Holt was spending a weekend in Portsea, while he and four companions tried to drive the Point Nepean to pass on the sailor Alec Rose, through The Rip. Upon returning to Portsea, Holt convinced the group to wait for the swim before lunch in the remote Cheviot Beach. Holt told them that he had spearfishing on this beach on the last several occasions, and claimed that "this beach is like the back of his hand". Sea was rough on that beach. Due to this circumstance, only one other person, Alan Stewart, joined the Holt in water. Stewart kept near the shore, but Holt entered deep water and it appears that he was caught up in a rip current, eventually disappearing from the scene. One of the witnesses, Marjorie Gillespie described the accident like this "he pulled out like a leaf was so fast and final."

Holt's disappearance ignited "one of the largest search operations in Australian history", but no trace of his body has ever been found.

In the beginning of 1968, a police report issued a definitive conclusion of Holt's death, while in 2005 a colonial investigation ruled the accidental sinking.

It is generally accepted that Holt gave more importance to his swimming capacity.

Some have alleged that Holt committed suicide, but his closest people rejected all this type of allegations.

Conspiracy theories include suggestions that Holt has not died and he makes fake news of his own death, was killed by the CIA or was collected by a submarine so that they could blame China.

Personal Life:

While living in the university, Holt met Zara Dickins, daughter of the Melbourne based businessman; There was an "immediate reciprocal attraction". Holt even planned to get married after graduation but chose to be separated after a financial dispute.

Holt had entered Parliament at that time, and soon was being profiled as "the most eligible single in Parliament".

He dated Lola Thring, She was a daughter of FW Thring, a business partner of Harold Holt father Tom, However his widowed fathers, Tom, was also fascinated by her. In 1936 Tom Holt married Lola.

At the end of 1940, Zara Dickins returned to Australia and started a relationship with Holt again. In order to avoid throwing Holt into the divorce proceedings, his relationship has not been public for some time. Eventually, he married Zara at her parents home on October 8, 1946, at home at St George's Road, Torak.


The Right Honourable
     Harold Holt

17th Prime Minister of Australia

In office:
26 January 1966 – 17 December 1967

Monarch: Elizabeth II

Governor-General:   Lord Casey

Preceded by: Robert Menzies

Succeeded by: John McEwen

Personal details:

Harold Edward Holt

Born:  5 August 1908
Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia

Died:  17 December 1967 (aged 59)
  Cheviot Beach, Victoria, Australia

Cause of death: Drowning (presumed)

Political party:    United Australia (until 1945)
                             Liberal (after 1945)

Spouse(s): Zara Dickins Fell (m. 1946)

Children: 3

Education: Randwick Public School
                      Nubba State School
                      Abbotsholme College
                      Wesley College, Melbourne

Alma mater: University of Melbourne

Profession Lawyer, politician

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